A label showing few ingredients, a clear and understandable list to help you  better understand just what it is we put in the food that keeps your dog fit and  healthy. Just a few high-quality raw  materials are enough to give it a  delicious flavour… naturally.

We choose a small amount of gluten-free cereals to add to our pet food.  Some of these are also completely  grain free. The original diet of canines  did not include cereals, and your dog’s  modern body is little inclined to  digesting them.

The label includes information on the percentage of animal proteins, which have a higher organic value than vegetable proteins and thus correspond better to the needs of your dog’s predominantly  arnivorous nature.

The preservation of Prolife pet foods is assured by the synergy between a  variety of its components, the  freshness of the ingredients and the  meticulous care taken during the processing of the raw materials from  start to finish.

The increased exposure of dogs and cats to gluten has resulted in an  increased sensitivity to it. In response  to this phenomenon, we have  completely eliminated all forms of gluten from Prolife pet food recipes by using such alternative sources of  carbohydrates as potatoes, tapioca, rice and sorghum.

Wheat and its immediate by-products have an elevated amount of easy-to-absorb sugars thet dogs are not  physiologically designed to process. It also uncludes gluten.

The qualities and the risk of excessive intake of soya is often at the centre of  debate. This is why it is not among the ingredients used in Prolife pet food.

dogs tend to lose their ability to produce lactase and, consequently,  their ability to digest lactose, a natural  sugar found in milk. If a dog consumes  milk or dairy products over a long  period of time it may suffer from  problems related to absorption at the  intestinal level, from indigestion, vomit  or diarrhoea.


There is no sodium selenite in Prolife pet food. It is a pro-oxidant that is absorbed passively and should be consumed only in limited amounts as it cannot be stored by the body. It has a very low  lethal dose limit that can increase the risk of excessive dosage. Prolife has chosen to use an organic form of selenium as it is a cellular anti-oxidant, plays a role in thyroidal-hormonal synthesis,  boosts the immune system and improves fertility.