Every time food is taken in it transforms itself and releases nutrients to the body, comes into contact with cells, gets into the bloodstream and interacts closely with genes. This is the miracle of nutrition, which is renewed and repeated in a primordial, universal yet highly personal ritual unique to each living being. This simple concept is the foundation of Nutrigenomics, a new science  based on the primordial nature of each organism. Its goal is to create a “nutritional garment” tailored to each being. Prolife espouses this philosophy, one which says that there is no better nutrition than that carefully designed to meet the specific needs of a single body.

what is it?

We all know that our wellbeing and that of our four-legged friends (metabolic and intestinal functions, immune defences, cognitive functions, etc.) relies in part on the genes that make up our DNA.
Nutrigenomics studies just how nutrition, and therefore food, can influence the expression  of genes, that is, influence heir activation or silence them, to assist a variety of fundamental physiological functions. Combining genetics with nutrition, the goal is to understand the  effects of the interaction between food, nutrients and the genome, the complete genetic heritage of each living organism. This interaction has definitive effects on metabolism and  lets you adopt a highly personalised nutritional program to boost your dog’s wellbeing.

how it works

Genes are our genetically inherited traits and correspond to specific sections of DNA: they contain all the information needed to determine the production of the specific proteins that make the body work. The genes are, in turn and depending on their level of activation,  influenced by the nutrients ingested. Each foodstuff is made up of a variety of active  molecules which, once assimilated and metabolized, are used by the body and interact  with its DNA, activating or silencing the genes responsible for certain specific functions that  are of fundamental importance to the welfare of the dog. The genes cannot be  structurally modified but they can be stimulated to activate or deactivate in response to  messages received from the various nutrients.

Alltech® Nutrigenomic System PUPPY

Bioplex®, promotes the growth, development and  formation of bones and blood, as well as aiding cerebral  function, Economase®, aids muscular growth,  NUPRO®, helps develop the immune system, Actigen®, contributes to a healthy intestine, Bio-Mos®, boosts the body’s natural defences.

Alltech® Nutrigenomic System ADULT DOG

Bioplex®, is essential for a healthy skin, coat and  bones, as well as for the creation of cartilage,  Economase®, supports the normal functioning of the  immune system of adult dogs, NUPRO®, strengthens  the immune defences of the intestine in fighting infection,  Bio-Mos®, boosts the digestive tract,  Actigen®, helps keep the intestine healthy.

Alltech® Nutrigenomic System SENIOR DOG

Economase®, supports the normal functioning of the  immune system of older dogs and helps to reduce pre- oxidation and cellular aging, Bioplex®, supports cerebral  function, NUPRO®, improves cellular renewal,  Bio-Mos®, boosts the digestive tract , Actigen®, helps keep the intestine healthy.

Alltech® Nutrigenomic System CATS (KITTEN)

Bioplex®,promotes the growth, development and  formation of bones and blood, Economase®, aids  muscular growth, NUPRO ®, elps develop the immune  system, Actigen®, contributes to a healthy intestine,  Bio-Mos®, boosts the body’s natural defences.

Alltech® Nutrigenomic System CATS (ADULT):

Bioplex®, s essential for a healthy skin, coat and bones,  Economase®, protects the integrity of the  tissues, NUPRO®, strengthens the immune defences,  Actigen®, helps keep the intestine healthy, Bio-Mos®,  supports the normal functioning of the immune system.

Alltech® Nutrigenomic System CATS (MATURE):

Bioplex®, supports cerebral function, Economase®,  helps to reduce cellular aging, NUPRO®, strengthens  the immune defences, Actigen®, helps keep the  intestine healthy, Bio-Mos®, supports the normal functioning of the immune system.


Bioplex®, a natural source of oligoelements

An organic source of minerals (manganese, copper and zinc) that respects the cycles of “Mother Nature”. In what sense? In nature, plants absorb minerals from the soil and transform them into their organic, easily assimilable form. Therefore, all the animals that will eat those plants will be able to accumulate those minerals in their tissues, and they will later become bioavailable for the  carnivores that will follow along the food chain. However, nowadays livestock is often fed on feeds containing inorganic minerals, that will no longer become sources of bioavailable minerals through  their meats. This is why we chose to use Bioplex: because it can contribute minerals “naturally”, that is, in their organic form. Through the kelation process, the minerals are absolutely similar to  those stored in plants, and therefore more bioavailable because electrically stable. In other words, as the minerals are kelated, i.e. protected by amino acids that conceal and protect them like  bodyguards, will pass through the intestinal mucosa more easily and, above all, will not compete with other minerals at the point of absorption, as is the case with inorganic minerals.


The effectiveness of Bio-Mos®

This was the first MOS studied, manufactured and sold in the world; its effectiveness is recognized and guaranteed batch by batch; 800 scientific tests have been conducted on this product by Universities worldwide and 60 peer reviews* have been published in international scientific reviews.

Una struttura unica

Thanks to its unique structure combined with the special manufacturing process, Bio-Mos acts in the intestine as a bait, attracting and capturing the pathogenic bacteria most responsible for  diarrhoea and malabsorption, such as Salmonella and E. Coli and prevents them from adhering and causing damage to the intestinal villi. These agglomerations, thanks to the action of the local  immune system, are processed and eliminated through the faeces. Bio-Mos is the only MOS registered against Salmonella. All this implies an improvement of the intestinal defence and therefore  of nutrient absorption.

*Reviews of existing evidence and papers by independent international experts.


Nupro is a natural product obtained from a yeast, that contains nucleotides in the first place, and is also a wealthy source of proteins (highly digestible and instrumental to better performances) and of vitamins, minerals, inositol, glutamate and free amino acids.
- Nucleotides are essential for tissue growth, through the replication and regeneration of body cells along the various stages of life. In fact, in order to continue living, an organism must create new cells at least as fast as its cells die (mortality rate), while cell generation in a growing organism (like that of a puppy) needs to be much faster. Maternal milk has a high content in nucleotides.
- They are the “bricks” building up the DNA and RNA, the nucleic acids that carry genetic information, and are involved, together with other molecules, in almost all the vital activities of a cell.
- In particular, their positive action on the intestine reflects into elongation of the villi, replication of enterocytes and repair of intestinal walls. All these factors can reduce intestinal disorders thanks  to the increase of the “good” flora, especially Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. Nucleotides have also effects on the immune system, stimulating the cellular and humoral immune response.
- They are semi-essential nutrients in situations of environmental stress, change of season, low appetite, post-disease recovery, old age, diarrhoea or malabsorption; in all these cases your pet’s nucleotide requirements increase enormously.


All our foods are “sodium selenite free”. Why?

Sodium selenite, one of the most common sources of selenium used by animal food manufacturers, has a pro-oxidizing and not antioxidizing action, poor bioavailability, and is not stored in the  tissues; moreover, it is scientifically proven that its lethal dose (DL50) is very close to maintenance intakes. Due to the reasons above, we have chosen to supplement all our foods with Selplex, an  organic source of selenium obtained from a yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, during its replication stage. Selplex has a major antioxidizing effect in combination with vitamin E, is incorporated  directly in selenoproteins and can accumulate in the tissues in order to be used by the body according to its needs. In fact, it is involved in some of the most important physiologic  processes, such as the synthesis of thyroid hormones, the proper functioning of the immune system, and fertility.


What is Actigen®?
Actigen is obtained from the outermost component of the cell wall of a specific strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, rich in mannan-oligosaccharides. The research in nutrigenomics, the science that studies the ability of a given additive to modulate the expression of certain genes in the pets’ DNA, made it possible to isolate and considerably improve the structure of the active ingredient to obtain the best results for the gastrointestinal system of dogs and cats.
What does it do?
Actigen can agglutinate (i.e., bind permanently to itself) certain intestinal bacteria like E. Coli, Salmonella, Campilobacter etc. thanks to the presence of a very high number of surface antigens identical to those of the intestinal mucosa. These agglomerations, thanks to the action of GALT (Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue), are processed and eliminated through the  faeces. This process improves the protective abilities of the local immunocompetent system. It can also modulate the gene responsible for the production of TNF (tumour necrosis factor) involved in  systemic inflammatory processes.
What is its function?
Actigen facilitates the improvement of the intestinal microbiota of dogs and cats, stabilizing and regularizing gut functioning. Contributes to a more effective and persisting immune response, so  much that it can prevent local immune aging. It can also reduce the imbalances caused by immature guts, as in puppies, sudden dietary changes, stress, adverse or unstable environmental and weather conditions. Thanks to TNF modulation, it can counter possible inflammatory states. All this leads to the improvement of gut health and elongation of intestinal villi, and a consequent greater ability to absorb nutrients and better quality of the faeces.


What is LG-MAX®?
LG-MAX is a solution based on Schizochytrium limacinum, a heterotrophic alga that in particular cultivation conditions (technologically controlled closed system) has high contents of DHA  (docosahexaenoic acid).
Why LG-MAX®?
The benefit of using this alga, compared to fish oils, lies in the fact that it has considerably higher DHA concentrations. In fact, most omega-3 fatty acids of fish origin are usually composed of EPA  (eicosapentaenoic acid), that has a range of action considerably smaller and less effective than DHA. Thanks to the desiccation method employed and the strict screening of output products, the alga maintains its structural characteristics, keeping its cell membrane intact. This condition maximizes and improves the ability to preserve omega-3 DHA bonds with algal cell membrane  phospholipids even during kibble cooking and extrusion, unaltered by the high temperatures and pressure it is submitted to. All this leads to a dry food with higher and more constant DHA contents compared to those that would be obtained by adding fish oil. The food will keep these characteristics also during its shelf life, showing a remarkable stability even over several months.
Research and studies
DHA is the metabolite resulting from the transformation cycle of alpha-linolenic acid, and is the form of omega-3 fatty acid most used by the body in its neurocerebral, antinflammatory,  antioxidizing and cardiocirculatory functions. Its function is mostly structural: it is present in brain phospholipids (about 60% of the nervous system is made up of fatty acids), in the retina and in membrane phospholipids. Therefore, it plays an extremely important role in the development and maturation of brain tissues (cognitive development), of the reproductive system and of retina  tissues.
Its functions
LG-MAX can have an effective action in the prevention of inflammatory processes and in the improvement of antioxidizing functions.
Antinflammatory action
IIt inhibits and modulates certain chemical mediators of inflammation, especially PGE2. Its supplement is therefore valuable to counter possible inflammatory states of organs and tissues. It is  particularly effective on the skin and tissues, thanks to the tropism of DHA. It also supports joint health in senior dogs.
Antioxidizing action
It preserves the cells and therefore the body from the oxidizing action of free radicals.
Other actions
It improves cognitive development, has effect on brain growth, improves animal reactivity and performances, protects embryo growth improving neurologic development and improves heart health  maintaining regular blood pressure levels.