Urinary Oxalate

Complete dietetic pet food for cats suffering from urinary tract stones (calcium oxalate)


Prolife Urinary Oxalate is the complete dietary solution for cats suffering from calcium oxalate stones. The high humidity rate helps reducing the risk of idiopathic cystitis relapse and favours urine dilution, creating an environment less favourable to the formation of stones. The controlled calories content reduces the risk of developing obesity, a possible concause of FLUTD. Chicken and beef give high palatability to the food and make it attractive even for choosy cats and cats showing lack of appetite or anorexia.

˅ Composition

34% fresh chicken meat, 14% fresh beef meat, 5% oat flour, 3% blueberries, minerals, cellulose, 0.5% salmon oil, chicory (0.02% FOS), 0.1% mannan-oligosaccharides.

˅ Analytical constituentes

7.7% protein, 6.8% fat content, 0.2% crude fibre, 2.2% inorganic matter, 75% moisture, 0.23% calcium, 0.21% phosphorus, 0.16% magnesium, 0.16% potassium, 0.21% sodium, 0.17% omega-3 fatty acids, 1.1% omega-6 fatty acids, 0.18% sulphur, 200 IU vitamin D3, 0.2% chlorides.

˅ Additives (kg): Nutritional additives

5,000 IU vitamin A, 40mg vitamin C, 200 IU vitamin D3, 30mg vitamin E (3a700), 13mg vitamin B1, 6mg vitamin B2, 3mg vitamin B6 (3a831), 75mcg vitamin B12, 17mg niacin (3a314), 12mg calcium D-pantothenate , 0.6mg folic acid (3a316), 300mcg biotin, 700mg choline chloride (3a890), 15mg zinc sulphate, monohydrated, 3mg manganous sulphate, monohydrate, 0.75mg calcium
iodate, anhydrous, 1,500mg taurine, 0.03mg organic selenium (3b8.10).

High urine dilution - Helps reducing the risk of idiopathic cystitis relapse
Low concentration of calcium and vitamin D and urine alkalinizing properties - Help reducing the formation of oxalate stones
Controlled calorie content - To reduce weight - gaining and risk of obesity
REDUCTION OF OXALATE STONE FORMATION - Low concentration of calcium and vitamin D. Urine alkalinizing properties

Metabolizable energy:
127 kcal ME/kg (531 MJ/kg ME) average value
1,270 kcal ME/kg (5.3 MJ/kg ME) per kilogram dry matter

˅ Recommended daily ration

weight of cat adult
2-3 kg 190 - 240 g 130 - 170 g
4-5 kg 240 - 290 g 170 - 200 g
6-8 kg 290 - 310 g 200 - 215 g
9-10 kg 310 - 330 g 215 - 230 g

Recommended period of use: Up to 6 months. It is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian before use or before extending the period of use. Water should be available at will. The amounts shown in the table represent the directions and can be adjusted depending on the cat and its pathology.